the protrude effect

As a human being it’s understated how doubtful we become throughout life.  Over my lifetime I’ve had doubts and continue to have them, but it’s up to me to turn that doubt into certainty.  This poem was written because I want people to know how doubt feels and to not hold on to those feelings.  Just like a tear dripping from your eyelid, these words came out from every pore of my skin.  I hope you enjoy just as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.  Thank you!!


Somewhere to feed,

Somewhere to succeed,

Somewhere to intercede,

Somewhere to concede.


Unable to connect,

Unable to correct,

Unable to dissect,

Am I suspect?


Of the recent distortion,

Of all the commotion,

Of built up emotion,

With my veins ready for exertion.


I can….

I will…


Proceed into the light,

Achieve in hindsight,

Forever isolated with my reflection.


Engaged to go in only one direction.

Timothy M. Ivory ©



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