fog clarifies

After watching the film SELMA I appreciated what Dr. King did for African Americans. Growing up in high school I didn’t really appreciate what those did for my freedom.  I’ll now be able to share that with my children of where we’ve come from.  Don’t get me wrong we’re still an eternity away from racism and I’m uncertain if we’ll ever get to that point where everyone will get along.  But for the time being I will raise my girls in the world because they’re going to learn it as they grow up in this life anyway.  Enjoy!!


an appreciation for the struggle,

an appreciation for torn souls,

an appreciation for lost wills,

foggy days devise an obstructed path.


an appreciation for superb beings,

an appreciation for their long sufferings,

an appreciation for our unity,

a mist of tears clouds our vision.


an appreciation for one voice,

an appreciation for everyone’s choice,

an appreciation for all the noise,

as the haze clears “a dream” becomes more focused.


Thank You!



Timothy M. Ivory ©


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