Society needs Sobriety

As a black male in today’s society some say that we’re plagued due to past human actions.  That those actions taken continue to follow us through generations of history.  Think for a second about the assumptions you make because it’s not always about black & white, it’s about what you do as a human that can make any action turn violent or non-violent.

I was raised by a black woman who taught me to love everyone no matter what their race.  I wasn’t biased towards “the black communities” for the simple fact I put my trust in the actions that were made by that individual.  We need to remember that no matter what an individual’s race the actions made by that person are that of a human and how they were raised.  I’m very bothered by those speaking on behalf of “the black communities” because they assume all blacks agree with the stand they’re trying to make.  That is 100% false!  As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints I continue to learn why I’m on this earth.  We all must strive to become Christlike; kind, forgiving, sincere, caring, and an accepting person.  It’s difficult to fight temptations on a daily basis but with his assistance through prayer and reading scriptures we can achieve this goal.  Always remember that we’re to love our neighbor even when they don’t love us back.  In the end you’ll receive many blessings for following his example.

© Timothy M. Ivory



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