rapid beats

This poem was inspired by me being a cardiac patient.  In the 10+ years I’ve been writing I’ve never thought to write about Cardiovascular Disease.  I believe now is a great time to make you all aware. 

This snippet is from Cardiovascular Disease–African American

Heart disease is the #1 killer for all Americans, and stroke is also a leading cause of death.  As frightening as those statistics are the risks of getting those diseases are even higher for African-Americans. 

The good news is, African-Americans can improve their odds of preventing and beating these diseases by understanding the risks and taking simple steps to address them. 

This is another favorite that I’ve written for 2016.  Enjoy!



Motionless defeat in ones chest. 



Palpitation of life exists speedily. 



A creative collection of ones thoughts,

Tends to wonder that life’s permanent. 

Rapid beats revive stolen memories,

Renewal provides you to breathe freely.  

That understanding circulates eternally. 


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